August 2018 Director’s Message

The riding season is half over, so what have you done? Where are you riding the rest of the
season? I have been riding both my Gold Wing and the Ninja and have put on a fair number of km’s.
Kathy & I were joined by Wayne Astle and Tom & Alison Apps on a trip down to Cashmere Washington
for the WA District Rally and we have some more good memories to add to the season’s list. I also have
a bad memory of losing my wallet on the trip which was a dumb thing on my part. We left town at 6:00
Wed. morning and rode over the Coq. To Peach Land trying to beat some of the later day heat. When
we met Tom & Alison we changed out our jackets for mesh. I set my wallet and cooling seat pad on the
back seat of my bike and proceeded to the tent trailer where Kathy was digging out mesh jackets. I exchanged
jackets. On returning to my bike I put my helmet on and climbed aboard. A very short ways
down the road I said where is my seat pad and reached behind me to see if it was still there. I pulled it
forward and stuffed under my butt where with a little fidgeting I was able to sit on it properly. It never
entered my mind that I also had forgotten my wallet on BC-C took the rear seat under the seat pad.
When we were almost to Penticton Tom called on the cb and said he thought I had dropped a wallet
off my bike. Sure enough it was mine and I had to make a u-turn and go back a mile or so to look for it.
When \i saw it on the road it was moving all over the place with each passing car. It was in the middle
of the four lane section along the lake and it was very dangerous to me to even retrieve it. Yes it was
empty as all the contents were blowing up and down the road.
I was extremely lucky to find my American Visa as we were heading to the USA, then I
saw many of my Canadian bills drifting this way and that. Not until a tractor trailer went by in the
center lane did I see the cards etc. that were out there. Now traffic was very heavy as it was just
after 8:00 in the morning and I needed to retrieve my drivers license, Care card GWRRA membership
and Recue cards, my Costco and others. Tom came back and gave me a hand looking for my
Canadian Master card which we never did find. Now that heat I mentioned early we hoped to beat
was upon us for the rest of the day as we travelled to Ephrata. The pool was a priority for all and
boy did it feel good. We headed for Cashmere in the morning and enjoyed the event and folks we
met there. BC-C took a plaque for the largest out of state preregistered chapter. Wayne won a
sizeable 50/50 and many of the silent auction items he bid on. Tom won a prize at closing and
Kathy won $25.00 playing a very fun card game. Over all it was a great event in a nice area of the
state and we had a good ride both directions if you forget about how hot we were going down.
Just a note to everybody, please check the tire pressure on your car, truck, bike and trailers
as it is very important to keep them at the right pressure. Wayne lost a trailer when it started
blowing apart just this side of Merritt on our way home. I am happy I over inflated the new spare
he bought last year and that it had enough air to get home safely.
I have read articles about the dangers of the self driving cars and how they will affect us
motorcyclist. At this time the sensors on these vehicles point down the center of the lane in which
they are travelling and we as motorcyclist use the left or right track which means the sensors do
not pick up the presents of a motorcycle on the road. The manufactures and the Governments,
need to take this into consideration before they let these vehicles operate on public roads.
I have been talking to a number of rider’s whom have bought or know someone who has
bought a 2018 Gold Wing and most of these rider’s, are very impressed with the over all handling
and performance. I have said before I am not a fan of the trunk look but the bike does look like it
will perform just as Honda expects it to.
With it being so warm (down right hot ) the last few weeks some of us have been getting
out for rides early in the day and back home before it starts to get to warm for comfort.
Wayne Astle & I were out for a ride through the Salmon Valley this week and just before
the East entry to Kamloops when we were still at highway speed. Wayne signaled to move left as
he wished to over take a travel trailer. The driver of the truck pulling the trailer moved left at the
same time we increased our speed and the rig now blocked both lanes. Needless to say, we had to
apply the brakes fast and hard to avoid running into the truck and trailer or each other. The truck
driver had not used any signal to inform others he was moving left and this could have been a bad
situation for all, but especially Wayne & myself. Point to be taken never trust the driver in front of
you to see your signal lights if you aren’t out by the line where his mirror can see you and your
turn signal.