July 2018 Director’s Message

Yes, Victoria Days has come and gone and the people who could attend love the new venue. The garage sale
was small but very successful. Thank you, Dean & Kevin for your work in putting this together. The food was
great and the company excellent so maybe you should try hard to make it out next year as you won’t be sorry.
Kathy & I were joined by Wayne Astle, on our trip down to Kennewick and we stopped in Keromeos to add
Dale & Kathy Chadsney. We all had a great time at Desert Spring Fling where the weather was very similar to
our Victoria Days weekend (beautiful). We were off to Sumas the following weekend to support the WA-H
chapter as we have done for many yearsas we all rode in the Lynden Farmer’s Day Parade. The weather was
great until we were at the border crossing coming home, it was starting to rain and by the time we got to Chilliwack
it was coming down hard.
Kathy & I had our elder son and his family come for a two week visit so we were busy with our two grand
daughters as they have never been here before. The last month has been a whirl wind and so is the rest of our
summer so jump on board and have some fun with us as life is flying by while you are standing still.
I saw one of the new 2018 Wings on the weekend in Tri Cities and can’t say as it impressed me.
They keep trying to make it a sport bike to attract younger rider’s, but a Gold Wing is for touring in total
comfort and looks, and storage does matter to touring riders. The new front end, engineering looks great
and I am sure it works just as well but the lack of side covers and trunk (an extra which was on this bike) is
not a look I like. The trunk it self was an odd shape and will not hold a helmet or much else. I hear two
chaps flew back East some where and bought two new wings which they rode home. The chap with the
DCT is very happy with his bike but the one with the standard transmission has his bike up for sale already
as he doesn’t like it.
Wayne Astle and I tore his bike apart to try and solve his CB radio and intercom problem (not
working) before he went home they were both working just fine and he is a happy rider. I still have four
camp sites booked at the Washington District Rally in Cashmere but it looks like everybody who were going
to attend from our chapter have bailed out for one reason or another so I will have to try and cancel these
sites. Kathy & I are attending as Mr Trump may upset us with his moves but the American friends witch we
will be with at the event are great and we don’t wish to miss the fun.
I put insurance on the Ninja and have been enjoying the rides that I have been able to go on. It
would be great to see a chapter ride as we seem to have gone away from such rides the last few years.
Where, when and for how long. These are the questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to riding
your bike. Where you would like to ride (to or roads you would like to ride), when would you like to do
these rides and how long a ride are they and how long would you like to take to ride them. I personally
would like to see a guys ride as they have always been fun in the past. We could make it a one or two day
ride of approx. 1000 km. If you have any suggestions of where to ride please give me a call.
Don’t forget the BC District has a couple of rides planed and they should be fun. To get more info
on these rides visit the BC District web site.
Dale Chadsney wrote an article in the May issue of Wing World which was very well written and
informative. Dale & Kathy will be on this ride again this year and will be going all the way to Newfoundland.
We wish them the very best of weather and riding condition’s to make their ride enjoyable. The next
story in the same WW is by our friend Lee Brown of WA-H and it is also interesting reading. Then Kathy & I
also know the next contributor as well. We have known Donna for many years.
A good many of us in BC-G and the rest of GWRRA in the fall of our lives so let’s get out and ride
our bikes while we can still do so. Call me anytime to go for a short or long ride.